hello world!

Being Digital, by Nicholas Negroponte

No two better words to start a blog than these two. Hello world ! Alone in front of my laptop and expecting the world to be at my feet. I’m into media (tv as the mass communication business) and used to broadcasting for a large audience. Now I realise that the audience is becoming the broadcaster. A very powerfull one that is. So I better be part of the audience myself.

And I’m excited ! Like back in 1995, when I was on visit in Boston, and bought Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte. It was all about bits & bytes and about how it was going to change our world. Back home I became one of the first clients of Ping internet provider. Now I cann’t imagine life without the web. Still I think we are only at the beginning.

Because I’m in the mass media myself as programme director of Eén, part of the Flemish public broadcaster VRT, I want to share my thoughts with you and would love it if you could help me reflecting on the role of the media. I’m aware of the power of media and I think we better use it properly.

Be an interactive audience.

4 reacties op “hello world!”

  1. Welcome to the blogger world. I just gave a presentation about the $100 laptop, an initatiative of prof. Negroponte. He’s a man with a great vision. Good to have some one like him in the digital world.

  2. I added your feed to my newsreader – looking forward to what you have to say about the Audience as Broadcasters (web2.0), and especially interested in anything you have to say about the role of the public television broadcasters for education.

    BBC has an impressive educational program, and the media repositories of the VRT should be impressive as well, when and if they can be reused in an efficient manner throughout educational Flanders…
    So far, the reuse of public media has been (extremely) limited… Hopefully you’ll be writing about this as well!

    Good luck, and have fun!

    Maarten Cannaerts,
    Flemish Department of Education,
    ICT coordinator for life long e-learning.

  3. […] Intussen mag ik ook veel VRT-medewerkers onder mijn lezers rekenen. Diegenen die er niet van bij het begin bij waren, moeten die eerste post van een jaar geleden eens lezen. Het vertelt waarom ik blog en zou hen moeten aanzetten om diezelfde missie met me te gaan delen. […]

  4. […] van de eerste Belgen met een Ping-email adres en dat had alles te maken met een reis naar Boston en het boek van Nicholas Negroponte. De Belgische Pattie Maes was toen één van zijn studenten en nu zelf prof aan het MIT. Vreemd dat […]

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