Savon de Marseille

Cooking was a mess this evening. We had some friends over for diner. The food was delicious; the kitchen a disaster. Some time ago my partner and I made a deal. It’s either good food or a clean kitchen. I lost this battle. If you enjoy good food, you will understand. So I have become used to cleaning the kitchen.

This evening upon cleaning the cooking range, my partner noticed how nice it smelled. It was the newly Mr Propre, une note de / een vleugje Marseille …

Have you already noticed in your supermarket ? Everything is Marseille … The soap, the washing powder, the fabric softener, … Can anyone explain me why this has become such a hype ? Yes, I admit I use the soap and the fabric softener (not the washing powder) and no, I’m not the early adopter.

Perhaps you can try it, and tell me the difference.