Marseille, the real soap


Savon de Marseille

Cooking was a mess this evening. We had some friends over for diner. The food was delicious; the kitchen a disaster. Some time ago my partner and I made a deal. It’s either good food or a clean kitchen. I lost this battle. If you enjoy good food, you will understand. So I have become used to cleaning the kitchen.

This evening upon cleaning the cooking range, my partner noticed how nice it smelled. It was the newly Mr Propre, une note de / een vleugje Marseille …

Have you already noticed in your supermarket ? Everything is Marseille … The soap, the washing powder, the fabric softener, … Can anyone explain me why this has become such a hype ? Yes, I admit I use the soap and the fabric softener (not the washing powder) and no, I’m not the early adopter.

Perhaps you can try it, and tell me the difference.


2 reacties op “Marseille, the real soap”

  1. I was surprised by the TV commercial that says “Dash Marseille wast witter dan ooit” / “Dash Marseille washes whiter than ever”

    White laundry… But this is BROWN soap!?

  2. You may be surprised to know that the same obsession with ‘savon de marseille’ exists all the way down here in Australia too! In just about every shopping mall you will find a ‘L’occitane’ store, and in addition most general homewares stores stock a range of savons de marseille. I honestly don’t know how they make a profit, because their products are hideously expensive..

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