Telenet now offers ‘Net gemist’ / ‘Just missed’. During one week after broadcasting customers can watch on demand the VRT programmes they missed at the cost of € 5.95 / month. I don’t believe in most new apllications. Too many of them turn out to be of no use in the end. I only believe in killer applications.

I am sure ‘Net gemist’ will be a great succes. Why ? Because it offers comfort and comfort is the best way to sell. No need to stay at home to watch your favourite programme. Just watch it when you feel like watching it. No need to schedule your viewing by taping. It is there on line just whenever you want it.

Comfort is what makes the difference between a hype and a long time succes. No doubt within five years we will no longer be discussing this topic. You will no longer want to miss it.

But, why am I deprived of this service living in Brussels ?

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  1. Hmm… Interesting service, BUT why should one have to pay for content they already paid for?
    I understand the importance of ‘just-in-time’ or ‘anytime viewing’, but the fact that only VRT programmes are available, means that this ‘anytime viewing’ principle does not work. If all programmes were available, things might/could change.

    Just like the advantages of digital television: this means I can watch the VRT news programme whenever I want. For example in the afternoon I can watch the mid-day broadcast… NOT!
    Turns out you can only watch the late night broadcasting? But this is in any case re-run all throughout the night… And by mid day the next day, who wants to view yesterdays news? Very strange feature.

    Typical example of “almost there” technology. But, unfortunately, “almost the perfect solution” often means “unusable feature”.

    We’ll see what happens when the possibilities expand.

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