i am SAM


Sam is a project of VRT, the Flemish public broadcaster, to reinforce the social texture of the Flemish society. VRT considers this a task of a public broadcaster, because public broadcasters have to be the watchdog of democracy.

Earlier programmes like Fata Morgana, Zonnekinderen, Man bijt hond, … also carried this message, but in a implicit way. In general, they have a large market share.

Since september VRT started several programmes with a explicit social message. Allemaal Sam! (Radio 2), Allemaal Sam ? (Eén) and Sam (Eén).

Because both television programmes have a limited audience, journalists and the audience start to wonder what is wrong. ‘The audience doesn’t like Sam’, said De Standaard this weekend.

Ofcourse everybody is free to (dis)like a programme but what is wrong with fighting for a better society ? Why are social actions considered to be uncool ?

Everybody is crying for a specialised programme on books, film, economics, politics, …. We want newschannels 24/24, special channels for kids, seniors, …. and gardeners. But a programme that strives for a better world ? No !

You know what. Forget about the media, just be a Sam. And if you are a real Sam you may want to join us.


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