Products used to be trademarks, says Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi. But what really matters now is that products become lovemarks. Goods should be loved not because of the sum of the resources they are made off but because of their emotional value.

A cup of coffee costs no more than a few cents, but we are willing to pay much more for a cup at café Roi d’Espagne at the Brussels Grand Place.

Robert wrote a book about these Lovemarks, the future beyond brands. The website is a very lively platform about about products and the love of their audience. 

It made me think about my favourite lovemarks. I have not yet a final list, but at least this is a shortlist.


I rarely carry any cash in my wallet. That’s why I like credit cards so much. American Express, AMEX, is my favourite one. I love the green card and – be honest – the green dollars make the world go around. On top of that Annie Leibovitz made a beautifull portrait of Ella Fitzgerald for AMEX.


Ella is also on my shortlist. I like jazz. Female singers in particular. Nina Simone is another of my favourites but Ella is the mother of all jazz singers.


Kartell offers real design at reasonable prices. It gives me a transparent feeling.

Tell me, what are you lovemarks ?