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I am a true believer of storystelling. Yes, I like reading books but storytelling is not only about reading or writing books. I wrote about Rolf Jensen and his dream society several times in these columns. For people living in comfort, it makes a difference buying a product or a story. What is so particular about your IPod ? And I have to admit, I like telling stories to people because it exalts them.

Kevin Roberts did a very good marketing translation of storytelling in his book and on his website Lovemarks. Write down  why you like your Apple, your Volvo or Mr Robbie Williams in concert in Brussels, … and you will understand what lovemarks mean.

One way of enhancing storytelling is using SISOMO or sight, sound and motion on screen. 24, Lord of the Rings, The Hire, … are just a few examples of storytellers (= directors) using Sisomo.

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi&Saatchi, Ideas Company now wrote Sisomo, the future on screen, creating emotional connections in the market with sight, sound and motion. A lot of pictures, few text, … but that is what's it's all about.

One day I was really shocked when Pietel told me reading books is too timeconsuming. I remain shocked – we have a lot to learn from the old media – but I start to understand him. Screens will be the ideal way to tell stories, whether it be the screen on your mobile phone, home theatre, a billboard screen, personal in-flight screen, pda, …

Screens will be everywhere. Look at us. You and I connecting through a screen. And I think I like you !

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