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I spent two days at the Creativity World Forum last week. Various creative regions from all over the world met with one another (not that interesting) and discussed with some keynote speakers topics on creativity and creative management (very interesting).

I’ll give you a short overview of some of my preferred speakers.


She is CTO (chief technology officer) at Xerox. Being Belgian she moved to the US 20 years ago and lives in New York as a single mother (her husband died ten years ago).

These were her five lessons :

1. It’s all about people :

– diversity is a business imperative

– get your ticket punched (have credibility)

– relationships (not only professional ones, but also personal life) are the human fabric

2. Dream with your customers

organise “dreaming sessions”

3. Open innovation

connect & develop

4. Don’t be afraid

take crisis, chaos and change as an opportunity

5. Have fun !

As Aristotle said, pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

At the end Sophie shared some pictures of her children, which is rather unusual for (male) top managers. (Vandenbroek is in charge of 5500 people). To combine her household (as a single mother) with her high profile job, she said delegating and simplifying  is very important.


He explained why right brainers will rule the world. Read my previous entry.


Charles Landry wrote the book “The art of city making”, which is still on my to read list. Landry invites people to look at cities in a different way. Psychology is as much part of a city, as are its buildings.

He illustrates his presentations with interesting pictures.

Check his website or that of his firm. Some of his presentations are payable other are freebies.


… of The Future Laboratory.


… spent his time in Gent in hospital and was replaced by SIR KEN ROBINSON. He’s an amazing guy. Talked for almost two hours about creativity. Nothing really new, but in such a witty way that it gives you new insights anyway. I have also added his book “Out of our minds. Learning to be creative” on my to read list.

Most presentations will soon be downloadable at Flanders District of Creativity.

4 reacties op “creativity world forum”

  1. kenneth himschoot Avatar
    kenneth himschoot

    was there, too. While the sessions you mention above were really good, some of the breakout sessions were really less to-the-point. On total, a good experience worth it’s money. I’m completely charged-up again and counting the days to my next conferences (London, then Austin Texas).
    Cheers and keep blogging – I’ll keep reading 🙂

  2. I was there too! Actually I did some video-interviews which will be online on the new site, probably in January. Maybe some extended footage on youtube as well, if possible.
    Interviews with Charles Landry and Tom Savigar, to name just some of your fav.list. Stay tuned, I’ll blog it when the footage is online.

    I enjoyed sir Ken Robinson very much as well. When I got home I started reading “The Long Tail” bij Chris Anderson, recommended read as well!

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