new york deco, richard berenholtz


Leuk salonboekje over art deco in New York. Mooie foto’s van Richard Berenholtz.

 We opened at the Savoy in November 1929, barely a month after the crash. By the end of the year, investors had lost $ 40 billion and more than 6 million people were out of work. 5.000 banks had failed, and 32.000 businesses were bankrupt. There were breadlines everywhere and near-riots in New York.

Everybody was angry with poor old Herbert Hoover. Everybody excepte people in the entertainment world, I guess. It’s a funny thing, when things get really bad, when the bottom falls out of the economy, that’s when people really need entertainment … I suppose people figure, what the hell, let’s go out and have a ball. It’s onwe way to get out of the gloom. That’s the way it was in 1929.

– Cab Calloway

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