50 management ideas

Ik lees graag. En veel. Maar hoe meer ik lees, hoe meer ik gefrustreerd ben om wat ik nog niet heb gelezen. Bernard heeft me doen inzien dat het niet erg is om een boek diagonaal te lezen. Richard Florida’s Who’s you city moest er vanavond aan geloven. Maar er zijn ook van die boeken die het in je plaats doen.

50 management ideas van Eward Russell-Walling is zo’n boek. Het volstaat om één boek te lezen om de wijsheid van 50 boeken te vatten.

En omdat ik zo’n lijstjeskerel ben, be my guest

1. Adhocracy = the opposite of bureaucracy.

2. Balanced scorecard = an all-round view of the business.

3. Benchmarking = keeping up.

4. Blue ocean strategy  = making competition irrelevant.

5. Boston matrix = dogs, stars, cows and question marks.

6. BPR = a complete rethink of business processes.

7. Brand = shaping the customer experience.

8. Channel management = routes to the customer.

9. Core competence = the roots of competitive advantage.

10. Corporate governance = more demanding standards of behaviour.

11. Corporate social responsibility = managing risk and reputation.

12. Corporate strategy = how to get there.

13. Costs of complexity = keep it simple.

14. Customer relationship management = bring it all together to keep your best customers.

15. Decentralization = seperating strategy from tactics.

16. Diversification = is it smart to leave home ?

17. The 80:20 principle = some things are much more important than others.

18. Empowerment = letting people do the job their way.

19. Entrepreneurship = how big business can think like a startup.

20. Experience curve = experience cuts costs.

21. The five forces of competition = analysing competition – the manual.

22. The four Ps of marketing = the basic recipe for marketing.

23. Globalization = the ver-smaller webbed world.

24. Innovation = bringing new ideas to market.

25. Japanese management = value people and let strategy unfold.

26. The knowledge economy = brains matter more.

27. Leadership = trying to bottle the essence.

28. Lean manufacturing = eliminate waste.

29. The learning organization = learning is the capital of the future.

30. The long tail = the return of the niche.

31. Loyalty = keeping is better than seeking.

32. Management by objectives = results, results, results.

33. Market segmentation = from shotgun to telescopic sight.

34. Mergers and acquisitions = buy or build ? buy.

35. Organizational excellenc = eight attributes of excellent companies.

36. Outsourcing = should we really be doing this ?

37. Project management = getting it done.

38. Scientific management = the one best way.

39. Six sigma = cutting defects

40. Stakeholders = we”re all in this together.

41. Strategic alliances = new markets with less risk.

42. Supply chain management = polishing the chain from supplier to customer.

43. System thinking = be aware of the interconnectedness of things.

44. Theories X&Y (and Theory Z) = what makes workers tick.

45. Tipping point = little things can make big difference.

46. Total quality management = zero defects, 100 % customer satisfaction.

47. Value chain = links to competitiveness.

48. War and strategy = strategy lessons from the military.

49. Web 2.0 = the new infrastructure of the 21st century.

50. What business are your really in ? = the company is a customer-satisfying organism.

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