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Marty Neumeier was een onbekende voor me, al heeft hij een paar boeken op z’n palmares staan. Maar wat niet is, kan nog altijd zijn. Dus stortte ik me op één van zijn boeken The Designful Company. How to build a culture of nonstop innovation.

Neumeier is Director of Transformation bij Liquid Agency.

Ik lees constant boeken over innovatie en creativiteit en waardeerde in dit boek vooral de filosofische insteek.

Een paar ideeën die me bijblijven :

What is design ?

Anyone who tries to improve a situation is a designer. In other words, you dont need an MFA to engage in designing. You just need to find a situation worth improving and then just work through the creative process.

Third brain thinking.

Het rechterbrein houdt me heel erg bezig. Maar The Partners uit Londen gaven me een ander inzicht :

When the left brain and right brain work together, a third brain emerges that can do what neither brain can do. The third brain is a metaphor for holistic thinking, and it’s the perfect model for embedding a  “design mind” in the culture of a corporation. Third brain thinkers don’t settle for easy options – they work as a team until they find the win-win ground among seemingly opposing sets of needs. Third-brain thinkers have the ability to zoom out and zoom in on a problem. They zoom out to see where the problem fits in the larger scheme of things, then zoom back in to concentrate on the details.

If design is change, then strategy is design.

Beauty in nature is never arbitrary.

Renowned architect Moshe Safdie noted that, in nature, beauty is a by-product of function. The color and shape of a flower is derived from its need to attract insects. The color and structure of an insect is derived from its needs to camouflage itself against flowers.

The new Research & Development is the Connect & Develop.

You get power by releasing power.

Recent meer dan eens ondervonden : hoe meer je geeft, hoe meer je krijgt.

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