my abc & d on emerging media

I was invited in Geneva this week to participate in a panel discussion on future media at the SMPTE Forum. To be honest, I never go to technology conferences because I tend to be more content, strategy and marketing orientated. But it was good to be there. The cliché however was confirmed : technologists think left brain with loads of text and graphics on their slides; creative people (and managers stimulating creativity, as I think I am) think right brain. The two worlds are separated and it was clear to me that we should cross the bridge. Therefore my pledge to have more meetings between the technologists and the creatives.

My vision on future media is simple. I call it the abc + d :

a for access

The future (and power) is for those who provide access to the content. (Good) content is crucial to generate traffic. So those who have good content are in a position to negotiate their rights with the gate keepers. The gatekeepers need to have access to good content if they want to be assured of a sufficient amount of customers. In democratic countries the government should provide direct free link between a trusted souce, like a public broadcaster, and the audience by negotiating free access.

b for brand

Not every good content reaches the audience. Good content needs to be branded. And branded content needs a sexy curator. This can be the role of strong, branded channels with strong program or content brands.

c for content

Or good stories, told in a capturing way.

d for dialogue

Strong stories tend to generate a lot of talk value. Talk value makes the audience discuss the topics you raise and that in turn is a guarantee for more and better democracies.

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  1. Erik Van Der Velden Avatar
    Erik Van Der Velden

    Zinnige bijdrage over het mediadebat, ook mooi verteld trouwens. abc + d is een leuke vondst

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