learning from media brands

Just read an interesting paper by Red Bee : “Learning from media brands. Why do all brands need to start behaving like media brands ? Red Bee Media shares some lessons from the world of broadcasting.”

TV is the most powerful medium for grabbing attention and engaging people. It offers the richest sensory experience and therefore creates the greatest impact, either emotionally or rationally. So if brands want to make a powerful connection then TV is the way to tell their story.

Because TV is no longer just the box in the corner of the living room. TV is now everywhere. With screens appearing on all sorts of devices and in all sorts of places the world is becoming more televisual everyday.

According to Red Bee classical brands can learn a lot from classical media.

  1. See people as audiences not consumers : So behaving like a media brand means thinking of consumers as audiences, and taking them seriously. It means starting from the audience’s perspective, not just the brand’s. And it’s about giving them something they want, not just finding new,more ingenious ways to interrupt them with your agenda.
  2. Realise the value of scheduling : People are creatures of habit. Broadcasters recognise this and encourage repeat viewing by scheduling programs to fit in with people’s lives and build habitual behavior.
  3. Build an editorial calendar : Broadcasters are experts in bringing together disparate content strands into one theme to creates something that makes a bigger splash.
  4. Capture the power of live : Live TV guarantees big audiences and drives social viewing.
  5. Understand the importance of packaging : It’s what helps viewers understand the differences between channel brands.
  6. Find the right voice : The voice of a TV channel is just as important as the look. It’s the humanizing element that carries so much of the channel’s personality. All TV channels have a distinctive tone of voice that helps to convey their attitude. It’s heard through the announcements that link and signups its programming. In broadcasting this is called continuity.
  7. Exploit the power of dual-screen : Increasingly people are using other devices whilst watching TV. Media brands have recognized there’s an opportunity here to spread experiences across devices and use different screens for different purposes.
  8. Be reactive : Media brands are experts at reacting to events and keeping their content immediate and topical. From news broadcasts to topical quiz shows and comedy. Their production processes are high-end but streamlined, footloose and low-budget to allow for a fast turnaround.

And I think that is exactly what we are doing at Eén.

To read the full report : click here.

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