Zoals ik eerder al zei : wie graag leest, leest op den duur boeken over boeken.

Zo kocht ik me pas een nieuw boekje, “On reading” van André Kertész. Een fotoboek.


Niks mooiers dan mensen die verzinken in een boek. Zoals ik zelf niks lievers doe.

Kertesz_Reading images-1 Unknown

André Kertész, “On reading”, W.W. Norton & Company, 2008

André Kertész (1894-1985) was one of the most inventive, influential, and prolific photographers of the twentieth century, revered for his images in which everyday events are transformed into poetic visions. In 1925 he moved to Paris from his native Hungary, where his approach to the medium helped to define the look and the role of photojournalism and contemporary art in Europe. Kertész left Paris in 1936 for New York but failed to secure a position as a photojournalist and slipped into obscurity. He continued to build on his extraordinary body of work, but it wasn’t until the mid-197°s that Kertész was fully recognized as a seminal figure in the history of photography.