do lead, Les McKeown

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The Do Book Company brengt een aantal leuke boekjes op de markt die je helpen om in gang te schieten … over tal van onderwerpen.

Ik heb net “Do Lead” van Les Mc Keown gelezen.

Mijn notities :

Leadership is helping any group of two or more people archieve their common goals.
Leadership isn’t about charisma.
Leadership, if you have it, can be a great tool for a leader to wield (it’s equally dangerous if used wrongly, of course) – but it’s not a prerequisite.
Four leadersship styles :
Visionaries are creative, think big and take risks.
Operators are mostly obsessed with doing : they release endorphins by getting stuff done.
Processors are mostly concerned with systems and processes : their focus is on efficiency, consistency and scalability.
Synergists are people-oriented : they know what they want to achieve, but they also need to work with others to achieve it.
Test yourself here.
Anyone can lead a team – or at the very least engage in acts of leadership – even if you’re not formally a member.
Effective leadership isn’t about focusing on the big things. Its about consistenly doing myriad small things that eventually make the big things possible.
Leadership mastery may involve you investing 10.000 hours to attain it.
Core mindset : when working in a team or group environment, I will place the interests of the enterprise ahead of my own.
The single biggest barrier to effective leadership is getting out of your own way – specifically, overcoming your own personal desires and preferences.
Don’t forget, the essence, the very core of leadersship lies in helping any group of two or  more people achieve their common  goals.
“Do Lead. Share your vision. Inspire others. Achieve the impossible.”, Les McKeown, The Do Book Company, London, 2014.

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