Dior and I

Tears and more tears = creativity.

I really enjoyed watching “Dior and I”, the documentary about Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons‘ first haute couture collection at Dior. Frédéric Tcheng got a unique backstage view on how the collection was realized in only a few weeks.

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This is what I learned about this creative talent :

  • Creativity comes from inspiration. It seems that Simons and Mr Dior, the latter who worked only ten years for his “maison” before dying, have a lot in common. But the twist comes when Simons wants his prints to be inspired by Sterling Ruby.
  • Creativity is about uncertainty. Just before the show, Simons – on the rooftop of the building together with the director of communications – bursts in tears. His doubt is taken over from his creative genius.
  • Creativity is about collaboration. The ladies and guys in the atelier, some of which have worked there for over 40 years, are the extension of the talent of the designer. And he gives them credit for it. With flowers in the atelier, with champagne, … but also with his trust.
  • Creativity is about collaboration. Pieter Mulier is the right hand man of Simons. They think and act as twins.
  • Creativity is about working in the right framework. When a client spends 350.000 dollar per season then you send the chef d’atelier to that client in New York for a refit, although that makes Mr Simons unhappy. But also : when Mr Simons wants the walls covered with flowers check and balance if the house (read : Monsieur Bernard Arnaut) can pay for it.
  • Creativity is about more tears. Success is celebrated by tears. Tears of joy this time.

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