danielle van zadelhoff

I love art. Growing older I realize that life is just not complete without it. I don’t consider myself an expert – my partner as an art historian is – but I have learned to understand the essence of it. We have done all “the classics” in the more than 20 years we have travelled together, but now we started concentrating on the (emerging) artists of the 21st century, buying (more) books and visiting musea and galleries who stretch our knowledge. And also, putting some savings aside, to buy the occasional work.

Filip had picked up this book at our favorite bookshop Passa Porta. It is delivered with two white gloves, as to not leave any dirty finger prints on the mainly, black pages.


Copyright. Blue Turban, 2016, cover of the book, published 2017 by Stockmans.


This work really stunned me. It is 21st century, for sure, but rooted in the Early Netherlandish portraits. Woaw !


copyright Danielle van Zadelhoff, Madonna with Child, 2015.


copyright Danielle van Zadelhoff, Mystery, 2014.


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