what’s in a pic ?

I take a lot of pictures. It keeps track of my life and helps me to recall where I have been and for what reason. These photos and the OneDay app are my personal diary. Have been using the tool for almost six years now and when I push the “on this day” section I get whatever I wrote a year, two years or more … ago. I know there is a similar function in Facebook now but this app somehow keeps things focused. And … I don’t have to be social here. It’s my private space, shared with no-one, unless I choose to.

Last week I spent four days / three nights in Stockholm and I stayed at the Mornington in the city centre. The room was super small – almost like a student room – but I felt at home and I liked it. And the view from my room was just great. So I took a picture. Plenty of pictures. And I even filmed …. This was binge watching reinvented.

Thursday night

Ground floor. The entrance hall on the left. A cross fit, personal training room on the right. First clients working out at 6.00 in the morning.

First floor. Lights, a screen, people hidden. On the right, heading to the bed room. I chose not to watch.

Second floor. The xMas lights still very present. The kitchen / living table already set for breakfast.

Third floor. A big screen. The biggest screen in the block and Netflix always on. He is a tall handsome guy; she is Asian and they have a young baby. And when he is hungry around 22.00 he makes him a toast. On the right curtains, keeping me out.

These three days at my desk in my student room, I was glued to the screen. The screen is fiction, but real life is never far away.

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