Miles & Less

I am what they call “a frequent traveller”, someone who travels a lot. I don’t keep track of it but my estimate is that I easily do more than 140 flights per year. Most of them for work. That is a big footprint and I do my best to compensate. But that is for a different blog post.

Being a frequent traveller gives you some perks, such as access to the lounge. These clubs today are a far cry from what they must have been in the past. It rocks … or was it plenty of whiskey on the rocks ? Today most lounges are overcrowded, often dirty and they serve bad food and drinks. There is the occasional exception like the The Loft, the Brussels Airlines lounge at Brussels Airport.

You will most probable think that with all these (economy) flights on my record you get extra benefits. None of that. With all these flights I am yet but a Silver Member and I witness how the Gold Members and many other VIPs board before me. I am not complaining as these are the rules of the Star Alliance Miles & More program.

There is Star Alliance … and then there is Easyjet. For a mere 200 euro per year with the Easyjet Plus Card I get fast track at security, speedy boarding and a seat upfront on their economical Airbus Neo 320 plane … and in most cases a smile. On top of that I was invited to be an Easyjet Flight Club member. Free change of destination, date and passenger via a dedicated, efficient call centre. You only pay for the difference in price between the initial booking and the change. The one disadvantage here is that they don’t offer lounges, but here Priority Pass is a good alternate solution.

I love flying because the time in the clouds gives me plenty of time to reflect on myself, my job and my personal life. I consider that to be a gift. Many Miles & More programs however are Miles & Less. I would be happy if all of this was just a bite more Miles & Comfort. Digital transformation has fundamentally changed how we book a taxi, consume media or order food. Should we expect such a change in travel hospitality ?

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