Brach, Paris

It must have been at least ten years ago when a trendwatcher introduced me to Mama Shelter, Paris. It was the very first hotel of what is now a chain, designed by Philippe Starck. It not only offered good rooms, it was also a place for hipsters and other fancy people to mingle and mix. Taking pictures and sharing them on social media and live in the hotel was a way to bond with one another. I have spent many nights in that hotel and should have claimed a discount for all the other people I have sent there.

We have stayed in other hotels in Paris and now for my double five Filip picked Brach. Holidays – apart from food and culture – nowadays are also working out. A good fitness is now conditional for when we book privately.

Coincidentally Brach is also designed by Starck. Cubism must have been the leading theme when the moodboards were drafted. This new resort has the same ingredients as Mama Shelter. Even better : 200 m2 fitness, where you now mingle and mix during work out (instead of over drinks). Although … the bar is filled with plenty of organic, unknown brands to discover (even herbal Coca Cola). The restaurant serves light, mediterranean food (by Adam Benthala). Sharing plates is possible. The staff is great and very sexy. Pour le plaisir des yeux ….

Am urging all of you to come and visit. Will check with reception tomorrow if that will give me a discount or upgrade next time …

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  1. leuk – ben er tijdens het valentijnweekend.

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