the question book

I have always been a fan of Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tshäpeler and the books they published together. Both the “The Decision Book” and “The Communication Book” are within reach at my Geneva office and I consult with them regularly, especially when I have to unravel complex issues. Their formula is simpel : they present models that have proven successful elsewhere. So why reinvent what already exists.

Ever since, they published plenty of other works. Am eager to read “The Test Book”, “The Change book”, … and whatever they will publish next.

But on top of the stack now is “The Question Book”,

It is basically a workbook : you answer 616 straightforward questions and the outcome … may be revealing. Just imagine you ticking the following questions :

  • What drugs would you take if it didn’t have any side effects ?
  • How far would you go in order to get a promotion / better job ?
  • Which of your friends could you imagine sharing a flat or a house with ?
  • Something you never want to do again ?
  • Who do you own money to ?
  • How far would you go in order to get a promotion / better job ? Go to bed with the employer …. ?
  • ….

The questions are divided into various sections : last year, right now, rituals & routines, in the office, being the boss, house & home, who you are, who you really are, …

The questions are simple but once into the flow it probably touches upon your subconsciousness and the real you surfaces.

I have filled in al the questions, and I don’t want to share the results. Too embarrassing !

“The Question Book. What makes you tick ?”, Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler, Profile Books, 2012.

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