The Power of the Dog left me speechless

I watched The Power of the Dog, not really knowing what I was seeing. A paper flower put to fire, the relentless time it takes to tie a rope, two adult brothers still sleeping together in their childhood bedroom, … But director Jane Campion made the images so beautiful you are glued to the screen.

I felt there was a lot to read between the lines. A lot that was not being said. The decoding took me some time, but Boy/Mr it left me speechless. Campion said she had read the book, with not intention to turn this 1967 Thomas Savage novel into a film. But it haunted her and she had no other choice than to adopt it to a movie. As a viewer, I had the same feeling. This will chase me for a long time and I may have to read the book for a new interpretation.

This is a Benedict Cumberbatch as we have never seem him before; and what a discovery Kodi Smit-McPhee.

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